1. 1.FIREWALL is a pop-up computer kiosk that simultaneously SURFs the Internet locally and in China using a customized Google Chrome extension.
  2. 2.FIREWALL auto-detects the language of your search query and TRANSLATEs it into either Chinese or the native language of your location.
  3. 3.SEE Google image results side by side with images on Baidu in China, retrieved using a VPN (Virtual Proxy Network).
  4. 4.VOTE on whether the FIREWALL translation is accurate and if the results are censored or manipulated in some way.
  5. 5.FIREWALL saves your search results in the Search ARCHIVE on this website, visualizing internet censorship.
  6. 6.Visitors to this website (YOU!) can also VOTE on previous search results in the Search Archive.